MasterKey-Week 5

This week was for sure a little challenging. The press release started out a challenge but as I started writing and after reviewing Mark J Press Release sample, the words just started coming to me it was amazing. I was really proud of myself for being able to complete this assignment. The opinion assignment where we are to get rid of our opinions; I was correcting myself more than I thought I would but as the week progress I was having less and less opinions to correct. These assignments are making me a better person each and every day. I really like the law of giving with no reciprocity; if you can get there you are way ahead of the game. These assignments are getting better and better each week, my lyoness business is getting better and I just acquired a new business through the gppa pool league that is sure to be very lucrative. I am really looking forward to being able to teach this stuff to future students whether on my own or helping Mark and Davene, folks need this training. I love being apart of this master mind group the energy just seems so in sinc with each others. The readings and the sitting is getting better each and every day. Getting my services done and keeping the law of giving moving forward is just so rewarding, I have completed alot of projects around the house that need to be done. It is great to be able to have a purpose to get up every morning and look forward to a great day because something good always happens if you just look for the gold. I had a very wealthy mentor tell me one time to write what I wanted down and put it where I could see it all day long because according to earl nightingale “You become what you think about most of the time.”, but I can tell you the way Mark has us to do it by reading the index cards, dmp, masterkeys, and greatest salesman multiple times in the day has been much more beneficial for me. Until the next AH Ha moment!


MKMMA-Week 4

Wow this stuff is freaking amazing! I am just blown away by what we are learning, Mark and the team just keep blowing the training off the charts, I thought I had a great concept on the law of attraction and how to apply the definiteness of purpose, but I have been able to tweak my DMP and the index cards to where I know that I am creating my future.  Just this past week I was offered a multi-million dollar deal and that really excites me to know that this stuff and the training really do’s work when applied. Davene is right when she said that I would quit; I went from 80% focus to 110% focused and I know that each week will continue to get better and better.   Folks you have to go as far as you can see and when you get there you will see further. So please lets keep this master mind and the great energy going.  I am looking forward to the future and our students that we will teach this stuff to; because you see when you are able to teach this training you are embedding it deeper into your core.  The master keys are so on target that this is the kind of education our kids need.  Keep up the reading and the other assignments if you really want to have a great life what ever that is for you.


What an exciting week, the more I learn the better I become, I was able to complete all of my assignments, the chore card, point of action, reading of the MK, DMP & OG 3X daily, reading the cards, putting my video trailer on the back of the card, I am working on my blog video for next week, and I will finish strong for this week. I belong to a very exciting members club in which they claim they are teaching us this material, I can tell you this training that Mark and the team are doing is hands down the best that I have came across I am so excited about my new life.  My wife and I are very grateful for this Master Mind Alliance group and my business is growing it is a great feeling to be in control of your life. The amount of reading that was required was bit challenging at first but now it seems to just flow into place and it seems that we have a great synergestic energy with this group of people from all over different parts of the world.  I am looking forward to week four training.  “Remember if you want things in your life to change; you are going to have to change things in your life.”

MKMMA-Week 2

Week two training, webinars, and reading material were so awesome, I have discovered how to right a definite major purchase the right way and I am still learning how to tweek it to make it better, Mark and the team are delivering some some great hands on material, I am so excited for the new habits that I’m creating, good habits are very important to our success, it is really great to have the synergistic energy that we have with this master mind group. I added my personal pivotal needs into the definite major purchase this week and wow did it make it more personal, I have fulfilled my chore for this week and I’m looking forward to next week chore and lesson.  You can truely be,do, and have anything in life you want if you listen to and hang around the right people.   This is a great blessing to be in this class with all of these wonderful folks.   Until next week have a great day!