C8 Master Key “The Value of Giving Before Trying to Get”

The Value of Giving Before Trying to Get

I am sure that no effort which we extend to those who are in distress can go without some form of adequate reward. Not

always does the reward come from those to whom the service is rendered, but it will come from one source or another.

I seriously doubt that any man can avail himself of the benefits of his “other self” as long as he is steeped in greed

and avarice, envy and fear, but if I am wrong in this conclusion then I still have the unusual honor of being one who has

found peace of mind and happiness through a viewpoint that was not sound. I would prefer being thus wrong and happy, to

being right and unhappy! But this viewpoint is not wrong! As long as I remain on good terms with my “other self”

I shall be able to acquire every material thing that I need. Moreover, I shall be able to find happiness and peace of mind.

What more could anyone else accomplish?

The sole motive which inspired me to write this book was a sincere desire to be helpful to others by sharing with them as

much as they may be prepared to accept of the stupendous fortune which became mine the moment I discovered my “other

self” This fortune, happily, is one that cannot be measured in material or financial terms alone, because it is greater than

everything which such things represent.

Material and financial fortunes, when reduced to their most liquid terms, are measurable in terms of bank balances. Bank

balances are no stronger than banks. This other fortune of which I speak is measurable, not only in terms of peace of mind

and contentment but as manifested in those adept at prayer. My “other self” has taught me to concentrate upon my

purpose and to forget about the plan by which it is to be attained when I go to prayer. I am not suggesting that material

objects may be acquired without plans. What I am saying is that the power which translates one’s thoughts or desires into

realities has its source in an Infinite Intelligence which knows more about plans than the one doing the praying.

Stating the case in another way, may it not be wise, when praying, to trust to the Universal Mind to hand over the plan

best suited for the attainment of the object of that prayer? My experience with prayer has taught me that so often all which

results from prayer is a plan (if the prayer is answered at all), a plan that is suited for the attainment of the object of the

prayer through natural and material media. The plan must be transmuted, through self-effort action.

I know nothing about any form of prayer which can be induced to work favorably in a mind that is colored, in the

slightest degree, by fear.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————ImageThe Joy of Givng is True Love!

Is prayer a part of your life? Do you trust God to “hand over the plan best suited for the attainment of the object” of your

prayer? Do you acknowledge that in order for your plan to be successful you must take action?



C7 Master Key “Outwitting The Devil” The Secret to Freedom & Success Part 2

OBVIOUSLY I HAD UNDERGONE A NEW BIRTH by which I had been separated from all forms of fear. I now had courage such as I never before had experienced. Despite the fact that I had not as yet been shown how, or from what source, I would be able to secure the necessary funds which I was seeking, I had such absolute faith that the money would be forthcoming that I could see it already in

my possession. On but few occasions in my entire life have I experienced such faith. It was a feeling which one person cannot describe

to another. There are no words in the English language suitable for such a description-a fact that all who have had similar experiences can easily verify. I proceeded immediately to carry out the instructions I had received. All feeling that I had embarked upon an impossible mission had now left me. One by one I began to call into my mind the names of all my acquaintances I knew to be

financially able to supply me with the $25,000 which I needed, starting with the name of Henry Ford, and going over the

entire list of more than three hundred people. My “other self” plainly said, “Keep on searching.” The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn

But I had come to the end of my rope. My entire list of acquaintances had been exhausted, and with it my physical endurance as well. I had been at work, concentrating my mind upon that list of names, for the better part of two days and nights, having stopped only long enough to sleep for a few hours.

I leaned back in my chair, shut my eyes, and went into a sort of doze for a few minutes. I was aroused by what seemed to be an explosion in the room. As I regained consciousness the name of Albert L. Pelton came into my mind … and with it a plan which I knew instantly to be the plan through which I would succeed in getting Mr. Pelton to publish my books. I remembered Mr. Pelton only as an advertiser in The Golden Rule magazine, which I had formerly published.

C6 Masterkey**** Outwitting The Devil Part 1

OutWitting The Devil

“Outwitting the Devil”

At the time a friend first told me about Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill (annotated and edited by Sharon Lechter), I had come to realize that for years I had been encountering the same barriers to achieving the things I’ve always wanted to do. From my friend’s description, it sounded like the book might get to the root of what it takes to create real change for myself.

The book certainly lived up to that expectation. It also resonated strongly with me because its message is so relevant to leaders. In fact, much of Hill’s ideas are based on interviews he conducted with hundreds of the most successful business people in America in the early 1900s.

Why all the Controversy?

Napoleon Hill is probably most famous for his 1937 book, Think and Grow Rich, one of the best-selling books of all time. Wikipedia notes that all of “Hill’s works examined the power of personal beliefs, and the role they play in personal success.” That is certainly true of Outwitting the Devil, but Hill’s method of presenting his ideas in this particular book were so controversial that it was suppressed for 73 years until 2011—first by his wife and then by other family members.

What was so controversial? In his examination of the power of personal belief and being authentic to one’s own values, Hill is critical of organized religion and education—both of which he categorizes as institutions of “controlled thought”. As the title suggests, the spectre of the Devil figures powerfully throughout the book.

In Hill’s rendering, “the Devil” is any force that prevents an individual from free and independent thought. The literary premise of the book is a trial in which Hill interrogates the Devil. Because Hill has freed himself from the strictures of controlled thought, he is free to conduct this examination of the Devil, who admits to having no power over those who think for themselves. Hill comes to understand how the Devil does his work and why that work is even possible. Hill intends to show his reader the mechanisms by which humans are programmed to limit their capacity for achievement.

The Neuroscience of Inner Demons

Controversy aside, “Outwitting the Devil” is ultimately about overcoming one’s inner demons—those fearful voices inside of us that whisper, “You can’t do it”, or “You’re not good enough”, or “People won’t like you”, and “This is the best you can hope for”.

Hill wants us to actively clear our minds of these voices to make room for the voice of the authentic self—the voice that can communicate one’s true passions and to embrace the self-confidence necessary to go after those things. Hill encourages his readers to make space for that voice, to listen to it, and to have an unwavering focus in acting upon those positive, supportive beliefs.

Although Hill was writing long before functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and neuroscience emerged, he was prescient. Today, insights into human brain function show that the 21st-century brain perceives societal threats (the fear of being shunned or disliked, for example) in the same way that the primitive brain perceived threats to physical survival. We are hardwired to take the path of least resistance—conformity to “norms” is a safe response that the primitive part of our brain (the amygdala) chooses to avoid violence to the self.

Hill recognized the tendency people have to conform to norms as a means of avoiding violence to the self. His book provides a compelling perspective on how and why it is necessary to loosen those shackles and follow one’s own path, even when that path veers away from the path that friends, family, and peers think is best.

C5 Master Key Enthusiasm

ImageLesson Seven – ENTHUSIASM

I GAVE a beggar a dime with the suggestion that he invest it in a copy of Elbert Hubbards Message to Garcia.


ENTHUSIASM is a state of mind that inspires and arouses one to put action into the task at hand. It does more than this – it is contagious, and vitally affects not only the enthusiast, but all with whom he comes in contact. Enthusiasm bears the same relationship to a human being that steam does to the locomotive-it is the vital moving force that impels action. The greatest leaders of men are those who know how to inspire enthusiasm in their followers.

Enthusiasm is the most important factor entering into salesmanship. It is, by far, the most vital factor that enters into public speaking. If you wish to understand the difference between a man who is enthusiastic and one who is not, compare Billy Sunday with the average man of his profession. The finest sermon ever delivered would fall upon deaf ears if it were not backed with enthusiasm by the speaker.


Mix enthusiasm with your work and it will not seem hard or monotonous. Enthusiasm will so energize your entire body that you can get along with less than half the usual amount of sleep and at the same time it will enable you to perform from two to three times as much work as you usually perform in a given period, without fatigue. For many years I have done most of my writing at night. One night, while I was enthusiastically at work over my typewriter, I looked out of the window of my study, just across the square from the Metropolitan tower, in New York City, and saw what seemed to be the most peculiar reflection of the moon on the tower.

C4 Master Key “Imagination”


Teaching, for the First Time in the History of the World, the True Philosophy upon which all Personal Success is Built.


IMAGINATION is the workshop of the human mind wherein old ideas and established facts may be reassembled into new combinations and put to new uses.


The modern dictionary defines imagination as follows: “The act of constructive intellect in grouping the materials of knowledge or thought into new, original and rational systems; the constructive or creative faculty; embracing poetic, artistic, philosophic, scientific and ethical imagination.

“The picturing power of the mind; the formation of mental images, pictures, or mental representation of objects or ideas, particularly of objects of sense perception and of mathematical reasoning! also the reproduction and combination, usually with more or less irrational or abnormal modification, of the images or ideas of memory or recalled facts of experience.”

Imagination has been called the creative power of the soul, but this is somewhat abstract and goes more deeply into the meaning than is necessary from the viewpoint of a student of this course who wishes to use the course only as a means of attaining material or monetary advantages in life.


If you have mastered and thoroughly understood the preceding lessons of this Reading Course you know that the materials out of which you built your definite chief aim were assembled and combined in your imagination. You also know that self-confidence and initiative and leadership must be created in your imagination before they can become a reality, for it is in the workshop of your imagination that you will put the principle of Auto-suggestion into operation in creating these necessary qualities.

This lesson on imagination might be called the “hub” of this Reading Course, because every lesson of the course leads to this lesson and makes use of the principle upon which it is based, just as all the telephone wires lead to the exchange office for their source of power. blogwk22