Masterkey Master Mind (Mind Movies)

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of using your thoughts and emotions to imagine and then attract the people, circumstances and golden opportunities you most desire, into your life.

Napoleon Hill has been talking about it for nearly a hundred years and it has been regularly used for decades by people from all walks of life, to achieve their goals in a much faster and easier way.

Even professional athletes, including Olympic Gold medalists, have been using visualization for years to help increase performance. A Harvard Medical School study found that subjects who visualized themselves practicing the piano had the same structural changes in the brain as those who participated in the intense practical piano training sessions – proof that consistent visualization can help people learn new skills and reach goals faster!

The Brain Science Behind How and Why Visualization WORKS…

is a small and very powerful bundle of nerves called your Reticular Activating System (RAS). Its job is to filter through the 40 million bits of data your subconscious mind picks up each second from the outside world, and send just 40 bits of that (what it thinks is of the most importance to you), into your conscious, thinking mind where you’ll actually become aware of it.

If you tend to focus on the fact that money is scarce for example, by default you’ve programmed your RAS that this is of primary importance to you. Then, everywhere you look, you’ll find this view of reality reinforced.

But, when you take even just a few minutes each day to visualize yourself enjoying a life of abundance and prosperity, you reprogram your RAS to look for ways to make this reality come true. You’ll notice people, conversations and golden opportunities to create more wealth and abundance in your life!

Visualization Made Easy

is two-fold. You must first create a clear mental picture of what you want, and you must then visualize yourself achieving these results with feeling and emotion. Tying emotion to your visualizations is the absolute key to reprogramming your RAS to bring into your reality everything you desire. However, being able to successfully visualize your goals in your mind with complete emotion, can feel impossible for some people.


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