KeithMasterKey “The Science Of Success Mastery” Part II

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Now, repeat out loud SLOWLY, thinking about each word and it’s meaning, and FEELING what you are saying (you may repeat any phrase as many times as you like if it feels good when you say it): I am focused. I am thinking. I am in the present moment. I am concentrating. I am paying attention. I am alert. I am awake. I am aware. I am conscious. I am open. I am allowing. I am ready. I am receptive. I am receiving. I am clear. I am worthy. I am deserving. I am good. I am centered. I am peaceful. I am calm. I am serene. I am tranquil. I am still. I am fully aware and fully conscious on all levels and all dimensions. I am taking my time. I am going slow. I am concentrating. I am enjoying this. I am breathing. I am energy. I am formless. I am eternal. I am love. I am here. I am there. I am everywhere. I am. Now, anytime I ask a question in these lessons follow these instructions: Think about the question and take your time. Reread the question as many times as you like. Look within, search within, connect to the Universal field/collective consciousness. Focus. Breath. Maybe stand up and walk around as you think about the question. There is no rush. Feel the energy in the question. Feel the energy flowing through you. Be aware of your connection to Source. If you take several minutes, that is fine. This is not a race where the winner is the one who finishes first. Every moment in life is significant. EVERY thought you have carries with it unlimited power and the seed of creation. There are no insignificant thoughts. EVERY thought has the potential to transform your world in an instant, and in a monumental way (the way you do anything, is the way you do everything). The NEXT thought might be the one thought that catapults you, in an instant, to total freedom on all levels and in all dimensions. Every thought you have has supreme power, potential, and energy.


KeithMasterKey “Keith Nuggets of Gold–The Science of Success Mastery”

Lets begin……….

You are reading this. Why are you reading this? You did not answer the question. You did not even ponder the question. You are not concentrating. You are not focused. You are not in the present moment. You are rushing. You think the secrets will be revealed later in this lesson, or in a future lesson, or some other book, or some other seminar, or some other course. You want to read this as fast as you can and “finish”. You cannot yet comprehend that the “secret” could be in this very sentence, at this very moment, right now. You Assume it must come “later or someplace else”. You have never been ready to accept or receive Truth. You have thought that you must have to work harder, and longer, to earn your worthiness, and only after a long struggle will you be deserving of having “all” Revealed to you, and you think you are not there quite yet. This is because of the “image makers” and how they programmed you. The first lesson you must learn now, is to be in present time. Be ready, be receptive, be in a state of openness and allowing, right now. Be humble. Know, that you do not know, what you do not know. Be teachable. Have a high “teach ability index”. You must know you already “have arrived” and are, in fact, worthy and deserving right now. You read the question, yet did not answer it. You Just read the question, and you kept on reading. You did not even think about the question. So, we will start again, and this time actually think about the question, ponder

the question, focus, concentrate, search your mind and the Universal field, look with your mind AND SELF throughout the collective consciousness. Emote, feel, and THEN actually answer the question. Be In the present moment. Be open. Be here right now. This very moment you are “expanding” and becoming more aware and conscious of who you really are and how powerful you are. Secrets are being revealed to you NOW (actually, You are becoming aware of the “secrets” that have always been there!). Your ability to manifest your dreams is increasing NOW, based on YOUR ability to BE HERE NOW, And FOCUS (actually, your abilities cannot increase, your awareness of them can increase, making it seem like you are getting new abilities and powers when you are just getting to “know” and be aware of the abilities and powers you always had) However, first you must learn this key point. Slow down. Pay full attention to things. Concentrate. Be Totally aware (as best you can right now). What you seek is right in front of you at all times. It is actually within you at all times. It is in everything at all times. It Is PART of you and you are part of it. Focus. Concentrate. Yet, relax and let go. Go slow. Be conscious of YOU (the SELF), and your current experience: what you are thinking; seeing; doing; feeling; sensing; and witnessing at every moment. Concentrate. THINK. Focus. Breath. Be. So, before we go any further, here are the instructions. When you are doing this course (these lessons), AND/OR when you are reading any book, when going through any seminar, audio, or training of any kind, SLOW DOWN! Focus. Pay attention. Concentrate. THINK. Ponder what you are going through, every word you are reading or hearing, and what you are thinking and feeling. Reread sentences. After you read a sentence, sometimes stop reading and think about the sentence you just read. Then read it again. It is not the NUMBER of books/courses/lessons/seminars you go through that will increase (release) your abilities and happiness within, it is the amount of FOCUS you put on whatever training you are going through. The answers are in everything, even FALSE teachings, as when you are “aware”, you understand the TRUTH when you are exposed to FALSE teachings. A wise man always learns from the fool, but the fool never learns from the wise man. So, be in the present moment, be aware, be conscious. Wake up! Pay attention. Focus. Concentrate. THINK. Now, say out loud…YES.