So when you know what you want, construct a scene which would imply that you have it.
Enter the scene by touching the articles there, listening to the sounds that may be heard,seeing with your spiritual eye, and smelling its odor with your spiritual nose. Bring all of your senses to bear upon the scene implying the fulfillment of your dream. After you have done it persist in the awareness that your desire is already a fact, for the present moment does not recede into the past, but advances into the future to confront you. You will walk into your future and confront the fulfillment of your desire, which began as a dream. You may think your yesterdays are in the past, but God knows you will meet them in the future, for your future is always confronting you and bringing in the harvest of what you are doing now. “Have faith in God. Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, `Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart that what he has said will come to pass, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you desire, when you pray believe you have received it and you will.” Mark 11. Here is an imaginary act which has no support in fact. The tree was not withered at the time it was cursed, but when they returned the next day, the imaginal act had been executed. So you see this law is not limited to being constructive only. It can be used for good, bad or indifferent purposes, for there are no limitations placed on the possibilities of prayer.
Now, when you pray you must immerse yourself in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, for the word “pray” means, “Motion towards; accession to; at or in the vicinity of.” Point yourself towards the wish fulfilled and accept that invisible state as reality. Then go your way knowing the desire is now yours. You did it, and you will not be surprised when it comes to pass. When you first practice this technique you will be surprised when it happens, but when you learn how to completely accept the state assumed, you will know you do not have to do a thing to make it come to pass, as the assumption contains its own plan of fulfillment. You will know that this world is imaginal and that an assumption, with no external object to support its truth, will harden into fact when its truth is persisted in. If an imaginal act produces an external fact to support it, then is not this world essentially imagined? If you dare to assume what your reason and senses deny, and walk faithful to your assumption, believing in its reality, and its corresponding effect is produced, can this seemingly solid, real world be anything other than imaginal? Everything is imagined, for you are God, all imagination! God exists in you and you in Him.
You can have them all if you are willing to assume they are already yours. And, in spite of the evidence of your senses and the contradiction of your reason, if you walk and sleep in your assumption, it will harden into fact. And after you have experienced them, you will depart, leaving them all behind.

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