Press Release-Keith

Master Practitioner interviewed by Larry King                                                     January 27, 2017

It didn’t take long for a private interview with Keith Long, to become the buzz in Oklahoma.  Evidently, King had consented to fly to Poteau to interview Keith in Private.

When I first learned of that condition I assumed it was Larry who wanted it to be private but it turns out

that it was just one of many surprises this reporter discovered. Keith was not interested in fanfare and wanted Larry to enjoy our wonderful scenery of the mountains surrounding us without the trappings that celebrities have to endure.

“Thanks for coming to Oklahoma, Larry. I hope you’ll be staying a few days and get to see some of the gorgous scenery we have.”     They were sitting on the back porch. The air was nice and cool with beautiful view of the mountains and the sun glowing off of it.   “Yeah, its always magnificent here but God’s really showing off today. Maybe in honor of your presence.”  Keith said with a smile.

“Well you keep saying my presence here, so nice of me to come…. but let’s be honest you refused to come to New York and told my staff if I wanted to interview you two about your animal B.E.S.T. master practitioner business that is helping thousands of people and their animals through this Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique, I’d have to come here”, Larry said with a laugh.

You know your not very popular with alot of the animal vets out there.  Well Larry we are offering something that no one else was and this technique allows for natural healing to take place so animals can heal and perform at optimal health.  You see Larry when the Dr. Morter first discovered this system it made it possible for animal owners to keep there animals sound and healthy and this technique is being used around the world not only on animals but on people as well.  On people you say, yes Larry this same technique that I use to keep horses and any animal healthy was used on me to heal my back and my back feels great now.

Keith got erected in his chair and declared.  Larry alot of folks love their animals and in the competition world of equine there is a big need for these treatments. This can be used to these animals performing at their top level and when your animal feels great he will perform great and this better than folks coming home and sitting in front of the tv, which has very little worth seeing these days.


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